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Application of laser range finder in mine and dam

Mine application

There are monitors and industrial computers in the well, and the sensing device of the downhole measurement section is controlled by the 485 bus. The monitor sets the working mode by controlling the industrial computer, and automatically sends a signal to the sensor at a fixed time, and the sensor returns to the current lane progress. The IPC saves the data with the address. The monitors used the industrial computer to check the construction progress of the underground tunnel. The display mode can be displayed directly or in a graph. The content form can view the depth change of a single tunnel in a certain period of time, so as to judge the speed of construction progress, the construction time is faster in which time period, and the construction time is slow in any time period (there are two views of chart and direct data); The depth of each tunnel in the current time period and the depth of the tunnel indicate the construction progress of each tunnel, which is conducive to the scheduling of work.

Dam application

Select at least 2 to 6 monitoring sections depending on the length of the dam. Generally, a monitoring section should be arranged at the maximum dam height and where the geological changes of the ground base are large, and a laser displacement sensor is installed at the top of each section. According to the dam's high and low dam, 4 to 6 landslide monitoring points are evenly arranged from top to bottom on the dam slope surface, and a fixed point is set at 5-10 meters or more from the foot of the slope, and then at each monitoring point and not moving. The fixed piles are tapped and the depth is adjusted according to the dam body, and a displacement sensor is installed between each fixed pile. The displacement of the entire dam is monitored by the displacement change between the fixed point and the fixed point.