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Design of comprehensive performance testing equipment for laser range finder based on AVR

Mainly includes microprocessor system, panel display and button control circuit, precision delay signal generator, narrow pulse power drive and illuminance intensity control circuit, precision chronograph, laser pulse synchronizer, laser pulse energy detector and preamplifier , high-speed data acquisition converters and printer control circuits.

1 "Double-frequency dual optical path coupling" method to achieve comprehensive testing of laser ranging performance

The basic idea of ​​this scheme is to simulate the far-end target echo of the target diffuse reflection by the semiconductor laser. After simulating the spectral and spatial characteristics of the echo, the logic unit of the laser can be driven to work. The flight time at the corresponding distance of the laser pulse is realized by the precision delay module. In this way, the delay characteristics of the laser pulse in space are converted into time characteristics, so that the distant target is zoomed from a certain distance to the front end of the instrument to be tested, instead of the traditional detection method of the actual cooperation target of the remote range of the laser range finder.

2 Detection of ranging logic

pWhen the detecting device receives the "sampling" pulse, it controls the precision delay device to start timing. The AVR microcontroller controls the precision delay device to send one, two, and three analog echo pulse signals respectively. These analog echoes are in time. Corresponding to different target distances, so that several laser pulses can be received on the receiving channel of the laser range finder, and the "strobe" knob of the laser range finder can be operated to display the laser range finder. Whether the ranging logic and distance gating function are normal.