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Laser Tool

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K series Laser Distance Meter

Comfortable buttons, scientific distribution, delicate touch
Product Detail

Self-contained leveling bubble and extension rod cost-effective range finder

Hand-held ultra-compact, ultra-simple, let you experience professional-level measurement new feelings

Self-contained leveling bubble, avoiding measurement errors caused by tilt

Up to 50 sets of measurement data saved for easy reading, memory and processing

Built-in backlit HD LCD screen, noisy at night measurement

Comfortable buttons, scientific distribution, delicate touch

Perfect curved body, non-slip groove design on both sides

Ultra-low power consumption, two AA batteries can measure more than 7000 times! !



Adjustment of the benchmark location,corner measurement is no longer trouble






Basic Function

Model K1 K3 K5 K7
Single measurement
Max / Min measurement
Continuous measurement
Area / Volume / Pythagoras Measurement
Unit conversion
Measurement reference selection
Operation icon indicator
Multiple line display
Historical data record 30Groups 50Groups 50Groups 50Groups
Data clear
Error code hints
Battery status
Measuring range 0.2m~40m 0.2m~60m 0.2m~80m 0.2m~100m
Measuing accuracy ±2.0mm ±2.0mm ±2.0mm ±2.0mm



For different measurement objectives and environment, such as bright sunlight, the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the target reflected light is too weak or too strong, the measuing range will be shortened, the measurement error will increase.

*Measurement within the 10m, the measurement accuracy is ±2mm, more than 10m measurement accuracy of the calculation formula is as follows: ±2mm±0.1*(D-10)(D for measuring distance, unit: m)