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LXZ010 Laser Pointer

Unmatched accuracy for greater efficiency

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Product Description

Laser Indicators


Laser Indicator, also called laser pointer, is a handheld device with power source and Laser diode. It is intended to highlight the target with a small bright spot.

Laser Indicator with industrial laser diode can permit unmatched accuracy for greater efficiency.



Laser Indicators can be used in mining field. It can be used to mark targets with its bright spot in decline development for underground miners. It can irradiate up to 100 meters and can be without blending or breaking after being blasted.

Laser indicator can be also used to improve the accuracy of display specific distances while working on large-scale projects.  


How it is used?

Put the AAAA batteries into laser indicator. 

Install the Laser Indicator into the sleeve and it will send a laser spot to the front face, mark it and fix the sleeve.


Safety Instruction

Laser Indicator with red laser diode (class 3R) is safe. The beam can be visible in dark lighting conditions.

Laser Indicators are effective tools when used properly. The following should be observed during using:

Do not look directly into the laser beam.

Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces/ mirror like surfaces. A reflected beam can act like a direct beam on the eye.

Do not allow children to use laser indicators.

Never shine the laser indicator at anyone

Never view a laser indicator using an optical instrument, such as binocular or a microscope. 







Laser wavelength


Laser class


Diameter of laser point


Diameter of laser point



AAAA, 2 * 1.5V

Working temperature


Weight(without battery)





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