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Service support

The company has extensive experience in international OEM, ODM and OBM production as well as internationally renowned brand services.

Warranty Policy

Service support

Warranty Policy

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Service System:
After purchasing any of our products, the whole after-sales service and technical support will start to operate. The perfect after-sales service is the embodiment of “Technology is people-oriented”. We believe that through perfect service system, you will surely get the most satisfaction.
Service Process:
First, after you purchase the company's products, our sales staff will provide you with detailed product introduction and instructions.
1, check the goods: check whether the appearance of the goods is intact, test function, check whether the accessories are complete
2, Warranty Regulations: Explain and explain the product warranty
3, instructions for use and precautions: draw your attention to the matters that should be understood and paid attention to during actual use.
4, practical application: brief you to the case related to you in the actual application
Second, in the event of a product failure, our rapid response system will respond within 2 hours and provide you with:
North China: Services that provide solutions within 24 hours
Other areas: services that provide solutions within 48 hours
1, confirm the user's product failure type ---- warranty or repair
Warranty: refers to the non-human failure of the product during the warranty period, the warranty period is 12 months, free for repair.
Repair: Refers to the condition that the instrument is in abnormal use or out of warranty, and can be confirmed to be repairable. We offer lifetime cost maintenance services.
2, provide solutions based on the type of fault identified