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Application of laser range finder in construction engineering industry
Position control (eg vehicles and ships); positioning cranes; handling and handling equipment; aircraft measurements (algorometers); metallurgical process control; measurement of unsuitable objects (eg pipe fillings, pipes, containers), and water level measurement.
The scale of the quality inspection market is expanding. Intelligent development is imperative.
The so-called quality inspection refers to the activities of checking and verifying whether the quality of products or services meet the relevant regulations. At present, China's economy has entered a new era of high-quality development, and people's concept of quality and safety has been significantly improved. In this market context, the development opportunities for inspection and testing have been attacked and the market capacity has continued to expand.
Application of laser range finder in mine and dam
There are monitors and industrial computers in the well, and the sensing device of the downhole measurement section is controlled by the 485 bus. The monitor sets the working mode by controlling the industrial computer, and automatically sends a signal to the sensor at a fixed time, and the sensor returns to the current lane progress. The IPC saves the data with the address. The monitors used the industrial computer to check the construction progress of the underground tunnel. The display mode can be displayed directly or in a graph. The content form can view the depth change of a
Design of comprehensive performance testing equipment for laser range finder based on AVR
Mainly includes microprocessor system, panel display and button control circuit, precision delay signal generator, narrow pulse power drive and illuminance intensity control circuit, precision chronograph, laser pulse synchronizer, laser pulse energy detector and preamplifier , high-speed data acquisition converters and printer control circuits.
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