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The company has extensive experience in international OEM, ODM and OBM production as well as internationally renowned brand services.

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Laitz ® Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a  Technology-driven company with independent intellectual property rights and patented technology for laser ranging products. It has a near-professional production workshop and an independent R&D experimental center. It is a collection of laser ranging products. Production and sales of a comprehensive company. The company's advanced concept of R&D and construction of products is a high-tech company with international comprehensive competitiveness. The company has the advanced laser ranging automatic calibration and detection baseline field independently designed and built by China. Standards, quality, survival, management, efficiency, technology, development, in a professional and dedicated attitude, the company is the first in the country to actively promote the ISO9000 certification system, and actively promote the laser range finder ISO16331-1 international The standard process, following stricter corporate standards, is a solid guarantee for all parties. With its own technology and team advantages, we will form a complete range of laser ranging products, and strive to create a national brand with high quality, innovation, stability and comprehensiveness.
In the long-term practice, we successfully tested and realized the application of many new technologies, declared 4 national and international invention patents, and owned more than 30 utility model inventions, which were recognized by customers in North America and the European Union. Countries such as the Americas, the European Union, and Japan. The complete intellectual property rights lay a solid technical foundation for the international performance of laser range finder.
At present, our company has two tool brands, Laitz ® and BERKKA ® . The product specifications are complete, with good quality, accurate accuracy, fast speed and high market occupancy rate. It is highly praised by merchants and customers at home and abroad.
With a wealth of international OEM, ODM and OBM production and internationally renowned brand service experience, we are a professional provider of international laser measurement products, and will fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, and provide high quality and professional laser measurement system services. Customer creation value is a firm pursuit of the company!